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Internet of things is defined as ever growing latest technology and new physical objects connectivity with internet via unique IP address, that is controlled through internet and connect to other various physical objects and communication with other internet-enabled devices and systems. The easy definition is that in this modern era every new device and physical objects are controlled through internet. They are connected with each other and all sharing of Data, securities are done via internet.

Internet Of Things


IOT include examples like security systems, thermostats, cars, electronic appliances,Lights in household and commercial environments ,alarm clock ,vending machines, speaker system and much more

From a.c that you can control through smartphone to smart cars that is providing the shortest route or your smart watch that tells your health conditions and tracking your daily activity or the home automation system that can control your whole home appliances through your smartphone. These all devices are connected through internet sharing the daily activity and environments in which they are used.

Latest Technology

How they work ?

They all work through sensors. Sensors are embedded into physical can be your smartphone, car, a.c, oven home appliances, barcode scanner and almost everything that you come across in day to day life.

But the question is how all devices can communicate with each other. The answer is IOT provide a single platform and common language for all physical l devices that are attached to each other to communicate with each other. Data is emitted from various sensors and sent to iot platform security .IOT platform integrate data that is collected from different physical devices and then preform some analytics on it and then extract valuable information as per requirement .Then the result is shared with other devices to improve efficiency.

Technology with IOT
Everything with IOT

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